Chiazokam Obinwa is the founder and current CEO of 21Skillz Hub. He is trained as a Physiotherapist by profession but resolves to be a tech and digital productivity expert, nation builder and entrepreneur by passion.

He is also a seasoned teacher, writer and a great public speaker. He has been hosted on air a few times by Alpha Radio and City Radio, both in Anambra State, to talk about some of his achievements and nation building endeavour. Chiazokam agrees to be committed in training one million entrepreneurs in productive digital skills that could create a financial flow.

He has trained so many other entrepreneurs and content creators through his monthly online webinars, podcasts and digital training contents. He is much sought after for branding, skill upgrade and content creation services.

He is also the founder of Teens and Youth Development and Inspiration Initiative, an NGO structured on the tenets of the Christian faith, targeted at helping teens and youth discover their purpose, pursue same and fulfill their destiny. 

He is also the leader of  21Skillz Hub Community. A community of bright and elite minds keen on providing and sharing skill training opportunities for one another, forming profitable relationships, growing and expanding their capacity to contribute positively to the society. 


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